Best Gold Jewelry Buyers

Why gold buyers are a better option than any pawnbrokers, NBFCs, jewellery shops, and others. We, IND Gold Buyers, offers not only the online market rate for your jewellery but also not charge any processing fee unlike other gold buying company. Also, we don’t deduct any making charges, broken charges, and any other hidden charges. If you go to other gold buying company, pawn shops or NBFCs, they charge more than 5% + GST for buying your gold, but at IND gold company, we don’t charge any amount. So you can easily save Rs 5000 to 10,000 on 20 grams of gold.

If an individual willing to get cash then they usually hold their golds to pawnshops at higher interests and in case if the individuals miss the monthly interest rates then the amount goes high with each passing month. At one moment, it becomes too impossible to release the pledged gold and in last, they are forced to sell the gold at a lesser price.

Best Gold Jewellery Buyers

If you choose the gold buying company to dispose your gold for best value, come to IND Gold Buying Company. Why asking to come to us? We are the first legitimate gold buying company based on our headquarter in Koramangala, Bengaluru, offering an online market rate of the day, no making charges deduction & no process fee, we accept all kinds of gold. You will get the full market price for your gold, avoid loss of amount in form of interests, processing fee.

So, visit IND Gold Company to get the best price for your gold by evaluating and checking the purity of gold in the German technology XRF purity checking machine.

Why One Should Avoid Pawn Shops And NBFCs

If you are looking for a small amount to fund your emergency needs for a shorter period and have the capability to pay interests rate on time, then pledging gold at pawnshops or NBFCs is one of the good options. But, if you are looking for bigger funds for a longer duration and uncertain about paying interests on time, then look for gold buyer, IND Gold Buying Company, that gives the best value for your gold for of course reasons like best price, no processing fee, no hidden charges, and 100% guaranteed best rate for each gram you sell.

Why One Should Avoid Pawn Shops and NBFCs

Get The Best Jewellery Buyers

It would be best if you always tries to find a best gold jewellery buyer to encash your gold. Popular commodities will help you get high values for your jewelries.

Check out our specialties before selling your gold:

  • Your gold evaluation at NO extra charge.
  •  We are the ISO certified gold buying company.
  • No processing fee to buy your gold.
  • 100% guaranteed to offer the best rate than anyone else.
  • We believe in complete transparency as our motto is to benefit you not us.
  • We do transfer your funds in Cash / RTGS / IMPS / Google pay / Paytm and other modes of payments.
  • We check the purity of gold by the latest gold purity checking machine which minimizes the damaging of your gold to nil.
  • No weight loss or damage to the jewellery while testing.
  • We even don’t deduct stone weight.

We do not remove stones/beads/diamonds for valuation.

Who All Are Eligible To Sell Gold?

As per the rules defined by government under various sections, a person must attain at least 18 years and above is allowed to buy and sell gold and other jewelleries. Persons between the age group of 18 and 21 years should have the family members or legal guardian’s written permissions with their documentation. Seller must provide mandatory one ID and address for verification. Seller is allowed to sell only those items which are purchased and inherited or if it belongs to spouse with their written consent only. Seller is not allowed to sell the articles belonging to friends, relatives, colleagues, or any other persons.

Documentation verification of your address and Id proofs with purchased bill amount and written consent is required. Once you are fully satisfied with our price, payment will be immediately released against your gold by Cash/IMPS/NEFT/RTGS otherwise, we will return you the precious gold item without any damage.

Our Specialization

Online Market Rate

We offer you the best rate for your gold jewellery than anyone else in the market.

No Hidden Charges

There is no hidden charges on your jewellery. We pay straight forward the price depends on purity of your gold.

No Deductions

Sell your gold at doorstep in any conditions. We don’t deduct any charges for damaged, old or broken jewelleries or processing fee.

Instant Cash

Get the cash in 10 minutes. We check the purity of gold through XRF machine and offers the instant cash.

Cash Against All Types Of Jewellery

We accept all kinds of jewelleries like ear rings, chain, necklace, bangles, bracelets and more.

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